Mission statement:

      CEISDA aims to become a centre of research and training excellence concerning entrepreneurialism, innovation and SME development and performance in the economies of ASEAN, with particular application to, and expertise in, the LMVC (Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia) economies. Emphasis is given to identifying means of implementing and enhancing the entrepreneurial and innovation capacity of small and medium sized enterprises across these economies, to be achieved through (1) bringing together leading researchers from Thailand and overseas to act as a catalyst for targeted research projects (2) conducting consulting projects for businesses and government, (3) providing training programs for businesses and government, and (4) provide academic courses and training that will attract high quality PhD students, (5) becoming a major repository of data on regional SME sectors, and (6) provide evidence based policy recommendations to regional governments and SME development agencies.

The activities of the Centre will inform national SME policy makers across the region as well as facilitate comparative international studies on SME performance, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Focus of CEISDA activities

This will consist of:

    1. Research (themes/workshops/conferences)

  • Entrepreneurial development in SMEs
  • Innovation development in SMEs
  • Poverty alleviation and SMEs
  • Gender and SMEs
  • SME capacity building (finance, technology, management, IT)
  • SME development and growth in ASEAN economies.
  • SME performance measurement
  • SMEs and production networks
  • Contribute as a strategic partner to the annual SMEs in a Global Economy conference
  • Organise academic workshops on SMEs with invited international keynote speakers
  • Conduct an active seminar series
  • Initiate a working paper series
  • Publish in high quality international journals and in the form of books with internationally renowned publishers.


     2.Training and development programs for business and government (on the following themes)

  • Human capital development
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Information technology and small business
  • Business start-up
  • Accessing finance
  • Preparing a business plan
  • Small business innovation
  • Small business policy maker forum
  • Competitiveness strategies for SMEs


     3.Consulting and accessing external finance

The aim of CEISDA is to ultimately become self financing through (1) its consulting activities for business and government (international and domestic), (2) applications for funding from international and domestic development agencies (e.g. Asian Development Bank, AusAid, World Bank), (3) short training programs (4) external research grant applications.

     4.Contribution to academic programs

The expertise acquired by Khon Kaen university staff members will be applied to the undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs offered by the university (new subjects and course initiatives), facilitate up-skilling of academic staff and the attraction of high quality doctoral students.

Centre membership

Membership of the Centre will be drawn (by invitation only) from a number of sources, including that of Khon Kaen University itself, the Mekong Institute, members of the advisory board, other international leaders in the field and members of identified strategic alliances and groups


Dr Teerawat (Ta) Charoenrat, Ph.D., Lecturer in Economics, Khon Kaen University, Nong Khai Campus, Thailand