It is said that "Knowledge cannot be changed or transferred from instructor to learn by listening, but knowledge must come from the students themselves by thinking, analyzing issues”. However, way of teaching method in classroom mainly used is to give lecture, so that students understand within limit of time and learning process can be completed. Those teaching methods are not effective enough to build students thinking, reading, writing, speaking and listening critically.


      The Faculty‘s policy is that each course is focused on teaching both in theory and practical including field trip in domestic or international public and private organizations. Faculty determined how students learning in two types: 1) using “Problem based Learning: PBL” by using cases that happened in the business enterprise to define the problem and find business solutions, so that students can apply in everyday life 2) using  "Research based Learning: RBL” as a guide to teach students how to conduct research from basic research to advanced research. Students will have ability to identify business problems and find solutions to solve their business.


      In terms of student development and culture preservation, each student activity will be operated under the framework of the faculty identity to the creation of the graduate desirable. Every student must be able to reflect the identity of the target.


                       "Graduates with Professional, Ethics, and Living with Wisdom"


      The goal of the learning and teaching will focus on building a graduate of the Faculty of Business Administration to be "Leadership knowledge of the entrepreneurship" and be able to start up a business of their own. The Faculty of Business Administration invites those of you who are interested in and, of course, students seeking where to study at the undergraduate and master's degree as part of an "Emerald Blue" which is the color of our faculty. We are determinedly producing quality graduates in leading national and ASEAN and assured us that our graduates will success in their future life for sure.



                                                               Assist.Prof.Dr.Grid Rangsungnoen

                                                               Dean of Business Administrtion Faculty